Listing Checklist

So you are now prepared to sell your home.  You might want to follow this checklist to ensure your property is showing off to the best of its ability.


A clean home and yard signal to the buyer that you care about your home and property and it has been well maintained.


Have a garage sale, donate or throw away things that are no longer of use.  The less stuff in a home the more spacious and open it will feel.  Put away your family photos, let the buyers imagine themselves in this space not your family.


Let the light into the home.  Open curtains, and replace light bulbs with nice bright ones.  Well lit rooms show a lot nicer than dark gloomy rooms.

Fresh Air

Let fresh air in whenever possible.

Fix broken items

Fix anything that is broken, don’t give the buyer a reason to think other items may have been neglected as well.  If it can’t be fixed replace the item.  This includes everything from plumbing, electrical, tv antennas, door knobs, switches etc.  Consider a pre-listing inspection.

Send pets away

If possible do not have pets in the house during showings, if they can’t be removed be sure to secure them, the potential buyer may be afraid of pets or even allergic to them

Everyone out

During showings it is best if everyone leave the home and give the Buyer’s and their agent the opportunity to look freely throughout the home.  This way if the Buyer raises a concern their agent can address it at the time.  If you are home they are more luckily to keep their comments to themselves.


Painting a room a nice neutral colour is a good inexpensive way to freshen up any room.


Keep the tv and radio off during showings, let the buyers focus on your home not the program on the tv or radio.