Other Professionals

Selling you home is a huge deal.  As well as your Realtor you will rely on other professionals to protect your largest investment.  I have listed some of these professionals and their roles for you.

Mortgage Professional

You will want to speak to you mortgage professional about any penalties you may incur by selling your home.  Depending on how much time is left on the term of your current mortgage the penalty could range from minimal to a very large amount.  You will want to know the exact payout of the mortgage so you can make sure you sell the property for the amounts owing to the bank.  You will need enough money to cover the mortgage including penalties, real estate fees, and lawyer fees; if these fees can’t be covered by the sale of the home then you will have to take money from your own pocket on day of closing to cover these expenses.  Speak with your Realtor or mortgage professional before listing your property.

Home Inspector

Home inspectors are a great asset to the home buyers as well as Sellers.  You may wish to get a pre-listing inspection so there are no surprises when a buyer has a home inspection of their own.  Be sure to ask for referrals so you get a proper home inspection.

Home Stager

The home that is de-cluttered and properly staged can sell for a substantial amount of money more than one that isn’t.  Your realtor should be able to tell you whether you will benefit from hiring a Home Stager.  Don’t leave money on the table, they often can suggest simply inexpensive things that will make a huge difference in both the timing of the sell as well as the dollar amount you are offered.


The lawyer is the professional who is going to make sure the exchange of money and property are correctly carried out.


If you are selling an income property you will want to speak with your accountant about whether or not you will have to pay capital gains taxes to the government.